This is my first attempt of creating a card game for sale to the public. I was inspired while playing a popular, fast-paced card game where different types of cards are traded. Creativity struck and I thought “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a game where players traded STD’s.” My first iteration of an STD card game was a “rummy” type game that required about 45 minutes of play time. I decided to change the game into a fast-paced, easy-to-learn party game. And thus was born Quickie: The STD card game.

My first thought while developing this game was about the ensuing criticism. I never wanted anyone to think that I solely made this game to make fun of or trivialize the seriousness of sexually transmitted diseases….. of just going for the easy laugh. My intentions are quite the opposite. I have incorporated real life scenarios and essential, need-to-know facts about STD’s into the backbone of my game. Making a fun AND informative gaming experience was always my true intent. But this is still only a game and for entertainment purposes only. Some facts have been oversimplified to fit into the mechanics of this card game. One important piece of information not included is the fact that there is medication to manage the symptoms of  diseases with NO CURE (this fact will be addressed in the expansion pack.) Please do your own research to learn more facts about the risks of STD’s.

Some might deem this game as “crude, crass, tasteless”, a pure novelty, or as using controversy solely as a marketing tool. The only reason this topic is deemed “controversial” is because we live in a culture where even though sex is glamorized on screen and porn is “just a click away”; REAL, healthy, and helpful information is repressed.  I want to show that bad consequences  happen NOT when one has sex, but when one makes poor decisions regarding sex (just like with alcohol, prescription drugs and even junk food).  This game is both fun AND informative and speaks of real-life scenarios regarding sex and STD’s in a blunt, true way.

Most importantly, this is a GAME, intended to induce fun, laughter, and competition (and maybe, just maybe players might learn something about a delicate but important subject.)

I focused on making the mechanics of the game strong. The replayability of the game is high due to these factors: the natural randomness of card drawing, added random elements, and the purposeful inclusion of strategic elements.  Each round is 10-15 minutes long and players can choose to play as many rounds as they wish. I have also included optional scoring rules for multiple rounds.

This has been a long, creative, and always exciting adventure. With the advent of the internet and the easy connectivity it creates, it is now possible to self-promote and publish games on your own. No need to sell ideas to mega corporations as in the olden days. This is a great time period for individuals to have the opportunity to make their ideas and dreams a reality.

Thank you for your interest in my game (and hopefully purchase thereof). Have fun playing and always “Play safe”.