Quickie: The STD Card Game is an easy, fun, sit-down-and-play party game.

One stack of RED cards (ACTION)
One stack of YELLOW cards (DISEASE and NON-DISEASE)
One DIE (roll to determine which player(s) ROLL DIE ACTION cards affect)

Deal 8 YELLOW cards to each player.

On your turn, turn over an ACTION card and follow the instructions.
To win, discard ALL DISEASE cards.


Favorable actions such as MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP let players discard cards.
Unfavorable actions such as SHARE A DIRTY NEEDLE will make players draw more YELLOW cards.
If an ACTION card demands that you draw YELLOW cards, you can protect yourself by playing the NON-DISEASE card STAY HOME AND MASTURBATE.

During the game, players have the opportunity for mutual cooperation, “attacking” other players, and bluffing. Randomness and strategic elements have both been built into the mechanics of the game.

The instructions on the cards are color-coded for ease of play.

(Comprehensive instructions included with game.)


Enjoy the laughter when you give your friends STD’s at your next game night. Spread the fun!